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Many Master Classes are arranged each year, some are Day Courses and others Residential.

Each one has its particular focus and take place in the very beautiful setting of Woolsey Bridge Farm in Rural East Anglia.

The next Masterclasses to take place at Woolsey Bridge Farm will be during the summer; June, July and August 2008. Two will be day courses and two will be two-day residential courses. There will also be two open teaching days for existing students who wish to be part of a whole day of lessons.

Susan McCulloch has made a successful specialism of Masterclasses and is widely sought after both here in the UK and more extensively abroad, to bring her levels of excellence and expertise to a Group Learning Environment.

Recent Master Classes:
   • Launching, Managing, Motivating & Maintaining Your Career
   • Audition Preparation in the finest detail
   • Nerves and how to use them positively in performance
   • Warming Up and Maintaining Good Vocal Health
   • Making Technique Serve the Artist, & the use of Textual Awareness
   • Understanding & Challenging the Changing Parameters of Your Voice
   • Understanding Yourself; Navigating Your Present & Future Path

Digital Video Sessions:
   • Matching The Messages: working in small groups to ensure that what the singer wants to come across is coming across! These classes are moderated by Susan McCulloch, but the singer sets his/her own criteria.

Please Contact us if you would like details and availability of forthcoming Master Classes.