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Consultation sessions are designed to achieve two key objectives:

1) An appraisal of the current position of the student as the teacher provides an independent assessment of the level of singing and helps with unanswered questions about the student’s voice, technique and direction.

2)  An opportunity for both parties to assess the teacher/student dynamics. I appreciate the difficulties faced by many students in their search for a suitable teacher/professor. The consultation session provides the opportunity for the student to experience the teaching approach – this will help them to determine if they feel the teacher is right for them. The teacher can also assess if he/she can help the student personally or whether another more suitable teacher should be recommended for that particular student.

Should you wish to arrange a time for a consultation lesson or you have any further queries please Contact Susan McCulloch at Classical Voice.

See Tuition for further information.

Following the consultation lesson there is no obligation to take any further tuition.